Yost Vises Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench with Swivel Base Review

Available on Amazon, this bench vise is not designed just for casual work, although it is up to you what you use it for. The Yost Multi-Jaw has an industrial strength iron construction and is best suited to be used and to take one hell of a beating. The jaws are a fantastic 360 degree swivel design that is comprised of 2 types of jaw grip. The rotation feature can be activated by a pull-pin mechanism found on the back of the vise, instead of the usual turning mechanism which can lock or jam and needs a larger range of movement to operate.

This allows the movement to be done one-handed, and allows the vise to rotate and lock into one of 12 positions without stopping what you are doing or needing to readjust your position. The jaws feature the standard flat opening on one side, yet when swivelled 180 degrees it becomes apparent that this side is for any pipe or tube work you have.  The pipe work jaws are self-aligning, making sure that there are always the greatest number of contact points as possible instead of the much inferior smooth grip. Meaning no slipping, no scratching and no injuries from wayward tools.

This is not the standard fare of features for a bench  vise, and they shouldn’t be taken for granted. The Yost Multi-Jaw is ultimately an incredibly feature heavy vise and an actual workshop spacesaver. It also features a swivel base, as is always useful when working, and allows an ever greater degree of accuracy while you are working with a hand tool as there is no need to keep inserting and removing the piece you are working on. It is a more advanced design then people tend to look for, but none of the design features here are superfluous or just added on.


  • Multi-jaw function
  • Strong iron construction
  • Best for heavy work
  • Pull pin locking mechanism

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