Wilton 14500 4500 Reversible Mechanics Vise Base Review

The Wilton 14500 bench vise feels like it should be bigger than it looks. It is a heavy piece of kit and its a great bit of kit at that and when you are using it, the tight grip and locked base give you a warm feeling that your work is in safe hands. This Wilton vise has dual locks  for absolute stability. But the 14500’s crowning glory is it’s ability to be reversed. When the jaws are in the normal, standard position they will open to a very respectable 5 and a half inch opening.

When the jaws are reversed, this opening expands to a fantastic 9 and three quarters of an inch. This ability greatly increases the scope of projects that you can undertake, as the vise can obviously handle much larger work-pieces than many of the other vises available. This vise is the quality that is expected from a brand like Wilton.


  • Sturdy as a bull
  • Value for money
  • Two anvil surfaces, best for a variety of metalwork and tooling

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