Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise 4-Inch Review

If you are looking for strong and sturdy in a vise, which you obviously should be, then the Wilton ticks all the boxes. The blue powder coat finish of the Wilton  is a standard colour in the world of bench vises, but is finished to a very standard. This vise is every inch a workhorse, perfect for beginners and experienced craftsman alike. It is made of strengthened steel that makes it an almost invincible vise, but not at a cost of its weight, at 7kg it isn’t a mammoth to install or to handle. The best vice placement is a simple choice as the unit isn’t static thanks to a clever design.

The vise has a swivel base that allows you to work with a ease that is sometimes taken for granted when you are working on a workbench. No more craning your neck around a piece or shuffling around a bench to get the best angle. The vise opens to a 4 inch opening which is best for benchwork. The jaws have a diamond-machined finish for an extra secure grip, regardless of the material you are working on. The strong design comes in even handier when you take the anvil-back into consideration.

It is a little larger than is usually seen on a vise like this, but that is a pure plus as it is a well made feature perfect for bending and flattening any of your metal projects. The anvil absorbs the vibrations of any hammering on metal, and makes this vise perfect for your metalworking projects as well as woodworking. Many vises have the anvil feature, but in this vise is definitely there for use and not just as a design afterthought as it obviously is on some vises.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Larger square inch anvil surface
  • Best for metalwork
  • Cost effective, as you would expect from a Wilton vise

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