Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5-Inch Bench Review

The Grizzly G7062 is the big daddy of work bench vises. At a hefty 19kg weight it is not tiny and its not hard to see where this weight is from. Its cast iron body is built to be immovable when installed. Do not be put off by its weight, as it is not a cumbersome by any means. As mentioned in other reviews, the jaws open to a 5 inch opening, which is a decent size for a bench vise as the average is approximately 4 to 4 and a half inch. This is a testament to the build quality as the vise is large yet able to move to this size of opening relatively easily and smoothly.

The rotating jaws house flat machined jaws, with excellent pipe jaws underneath. This aspect of the design is amazing. Many vises are now coming with pipe jaws, yet they are more often static, and found underneath the standard jaws. As these jaws rotate, it allows any piping or tubing work to be situated on top of the vise, above the bench top. This may not seem like a noteworthy point, but having the pipe jaws on top means that any intricate pipe cutting will be a lot simpler as it is in no way obscured.

  • So strong it could withstand an earthquake
  • Rotating jaws mean you can tackle any heavy duty project that comes your way
  • Swivel feature for ease of movement

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